1900s CDV  young man guy student jock old Russian antique photo, colorized by Ahmet Asar

Colorized by Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Tool from originally scanned hi-res photo from the respective source.

Credit disclaimer: I do not own the original scanned image and believe that it is in the public domain. These images have been collected from Flickr’s search results and/or collected from various internet sources. If you know the link to the original image, please kindly put it into comment section as I will update the description to give full credit to the respective owner.

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In the early 1900s, the Carte de Visite (CDV) was a popular format for portrait photography, and it was often used for capturing images of young men, students, athletes, and individuals from all walks of life. These small, sturdy cards were typically printed with the subject’s photograph and name, making them a unique and personal memento. One such CDV from this era depicts a young Russian man, possibly a student or a jock, posing for the camera in a dignified and confident manner. This antique photo, now colorized by the talented artist Ahmet Asar, offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and the life of this mysterious young man.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Ahmet Asar has brought new life to this old Russian CDV photo. The use of AI algorithms and deep learning techniques has allowed him to accurately add color and detail to the original black and white image, creating a stunning and realistic portrayal of the young man. This has not only enhanced the visual appeal of the photo but has also made it more relatable and relevant to modern audiences.

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