Artefact: Launching an AI Research Center in Paris

Artefact: Launching an AI Research Center in Paris

Le centre de recherches en IA hébergé dans les bureaux parisiens de SSII Artefact repose sur la collaboration d’entreprises partenaires et de professeurs d’institutions renommées comme Polytechnique, Centrale Suplec ou l’université Paris-Saclay. Les résultats seront partagés sous la forme de packages open source et de publications scientifiques.

Artefact’s New AI Research Center

Artefact is taking a significant step in the field of applied research in artificial intelligence. The agency, known for its expertise in AI consulting and data-driven marketing, has officially announced the creation of a research center dedicated to analytical technologies in France. The center will bring together a team of 30 in-house researchers by 2025, with the goal of creating an ecosystem around data through collaboration with professors from top universities and international partner companies.

Artefact’s partnering companies for this initiative include Orange, Société Générale, and Decathlon. On the academic side, the R&D center is already collaborating with researchers from leading higher education institutions such as École Polytechnique, CNRS, Centrale Supélec, Université Paris-Saclay, Sorbonne Université, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, INSEAD, Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, and ESCP Business School.

Research Focus Areas

The research topics at the center revolve around addressing the challenges of widespread adoption of AI by employees, despite technological advancements in the field. The mission of the center is to facilitate the adoption of AI by improving the understanding, robustness, fairness, and control of AI models. One area of focus is the measurement and reduction of statistical biases in computer vision models, particularly those related to faces, which can be influenced by factors such as age, ethnicity, or gender.

Doctoral Research and Ethical Considerations

The center is also engaged in improving the transparency and explainability of decision-tree-based models, particularly in dealing with heavily unbalanced datasets. Research on the factors influencing the adoption of AI in companies and user perceptions is also underway. The center aims to host doctoral theses, with 7 doctorates expected to be initiated in 2023. Additionally, consultants from Artefact’s UK and Germany offices contribute to the research by publishing articles.

The company also aims for the research to address sovereignty and ethical considerations to facilitate the adoption of AI, with a commitment to not claim any intellectual property rights on the results. Access to the research will be provided through publications, conferences, and open-source code. The inauguration event is scheduled for January 18, 2024, and will bring together political and academic figures.

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