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AI-powered video creations at scaleAI-powered video creations at scale

AI Video Generator

Make your spokesperson or digital teacher video in minutes, as easy as making PowerPoints. Translate Videos with AI. AI Video Creator Tool. Create AI Videos Online. New AI video editor. Highlights: Tutorial Available, Case Studies Available, Help Center Available.


is an online tool that helps you to generate AI spokesperson videos with perfect lip-syncing.

There are three ways to create a video canvas on HeyGen

Way 1. Hover the mouse over the ‘+Create Video’ button in the upper right corner of the page, you will see a selection of vertical and horizontal videos, click the dartboard you want to create to start creating AI spokesperson video!

Way 2. Scroll the mouse to see the list of video templates, click on the one you preferred and tap on the ‘+ Use this Template’ button.

Way 3. Scroll the mouse to see the list of avatars, click on the AI avatar you want, and the page will pop up a window prompting you to create a video