OpenAI Launches GPT Store for Buying and Selling AI Models

With a little delay, OpenAI has launched its GPT Store, which allows users to buy and sell various generative AI models based on the startup’s LLM.

The GPT Store was announced during the developer conference of the firm and was originally scheduled to open by the end of 2023. However, the resignation/reintegration of Sam Altman has disrupted the launch schedule. The marketplace is now accessible, and users can find a catalog of personalized AI models such as Khan Academy’s Code Tutor for coding education and Canva for creating presentations or social media posts.

“The store offers a variety of GPT developed by our partners and the community,” states OpenAI’s press release. The company claims that users have already created over 3 million versions of GPT in the past two months. This number is likely to increase significantly as it is possible to develop and publish a personalized AI model online.

Planned Compensation Program and Unveiling of ChatGPT Team Offering

At the same time, the American company plans to launch a compensation program for GPT editors during this quarter. Developers will be paid based on user engagement, similar to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. The GPT Store includes categories such as “DALL.E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle.” It remains to be seen how the revenue will be divided between the editors and developers, which has been a source of tension in the industry.

With this launch, OpenAI also aims to expand its ecosystem and sources of revenue. The GPT Store will soon be available to ChatGPT Enterprises users, leading to better administrative control within a company. Additionally, the startup has unveiled the ChatGPT Team offering to provide up to 149 users with a dedicated collaborative workspace.

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