The Latest from Dell Technologies: Cloud, AI, and More

LMI’s editorial team invited Anwar Dahab, General Manager of Dell Technologies France, to discuss the company’s latest developments. Despite challenges in traditional segments in 2023, the supplier is seeing a rebalancing in the cloud space. In 2024, the company is placing a strong emphasis on AI, alongside a focus on client devices and the growing trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As we begin 2024, The Monde Informatique continues its video interviews, starting with Anwar Dahab, General Manager of Dell Technologies. Taking over from Stéphane Huet in September 2023, he shares insights into the company’s current situation and future goals. He acknowledges the challenges faced at the end of 2023, with a 15% decline in PC and server revenue and a 10% decrease in storage. These results can be attributed to the end of the Covid-induced demand surge for PCs and infrastructure. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about a return to growth in Q4 2023 for PCs and mid-2024 for the infrastructure. Regarding the cloud segment, the director notes a shift towards intelligent hybridization, rather than a pause. He believes that the era of massive cloud migration is over. In this context, the company’s IT as a service offerings, known as Apex, continue to gain traction. Specifically, he reports that the PC as a service segment is gaining momentum, while there is significant demand for private cloud solutions (such as Flex with hyperconverged options and object storage) and ground-to-cloud solutions (migrating infrastructure software to the cloud) with a focus on cyber resilience.

On the topic of AI, Anwar Dahab sees it as a true revolution with significant productivity gains. This technology sparks extensive discussions with company leaders, although many are unsure where to begin. “Dell Technologies is well-positioned to create the relevant architecture for generative AI, data management, and hybridization (cloud/on premise),” explained the executive. In 2024, the company’s portfolio will expand in this area, with dedicated Apex offerings for AI. Partners will also play a key role in supporting this transformation. In addition, Dahab points out that the CSR strategies of companies remain important, especially in tender processes. France is at the forefront of this movement, with requests for metrics on each configuration. Beyond AI, the leader does not overlook client devices, noting the obsolescence of equipment purchased during the Covid pandemic, the adoption of Windows 11, and the prediction that this sector will be the quickest to return to growth. He assures us that elements of the Luna PC concept will be integrated throughout 2024.

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